brizzl The way to find your missed connection!

Auf vielfachen Wunsch nun als 1. Zeile jeden Artikels: Der Link zu der Anwendung brizzlPersonen wiederfinden im Internet

brizzl – will be released shortly in Beta-version

Hi there,

first I want to apologize for my English knowledge. I am not a native speaker and can impossibly afford to let these posts be translated by someone professional. However I do hope that any reader can follow…

New webpage, new blog!
We are about to go online with brizzl in a Beta-version. This version will be restricted to a smaller group of friends and testers, who will hopefully find all bugs and give some advice what to improve…
After that short period we want to go online with the unrestricted version to make brizzl available to all of you!
What is brizzl? The name does not really mean anything. My girlfriend (we are married meanwhile) uses to say „Has there been any brizzl?“ when she talks to any friend who was speaking about someone she/he met. It’s that kind of special feeling when you think, that another person is attracting you much.
The webpage brizzl is built to find persons with which you could not exchange contact-details.
You all know that situation: you are in a traffic-jam, in a metro, on the dancefloor, in a holiday-resort… and all of a sudden you look in someone’s eyes that you cannot forget anymore. The situation was too short, you did not have the right words or for whatever reason you could not talk to that person. So you lose again that person and you want desperately find it back. A typical „missed connection“! Lucky you: you can go on 🙂

The page is designed to leave a notice to that „unknown“ person of your missed connection in a very easy way: Just locate the situation, describe it and save it. Chances are growing, that the unknown will have a look on brizzl as well to find you!

If you have any comments, advices you are very welcome to post them to us. We will shortly announce here and on Twitter, when we go online with brizzl.

Philipp and Georg


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